How to cherish and use your handmade wedding ring for a long time|Selection with peace of mind for those worried about deterioration

Selection of materials and daily care of handmade wedding rings for long-lasting use.

The more careful you are in shopping for a wedding ring that you want to wear for a long time and cherish for a lifetime, the more you may be concerned about deterioration of the ring over time. In particular, some may be concerned that handmade wedding rings will deteriorate too quickly. Here, we have compiled a list of how to choose the right materials, how to treat them differently, and how to care for them on a daily basis in order to prolong the life of your handmade wedding rings.

What does deterioration of a wedding ring mean?

What condition is meant by the term "wedding ring deteriorated?" I think this can be divided into two main meanings.

The first is.Deteriorated performance as a metaland the second isThe condition of the wedding ring is not as good as when it was purchased.refers to.

I have considered each of these in detail.

Deterioration of wedding rings as metal

Since wedding rings are usually made of metal, you may worry that the metal itself will rust and become brittle, but you can rest assured when you look at the materials used for wedding rings. The metal materials usually used for wedding rings are precious metals such as K18 gold and platinum, also known as platinum. Precious metals are defined as "metals that have a low ionization tendency. Less ionization tendency means less susceptibility to oxidation and rust. Metals such as iron and copper, which are not called precious metals, rust easily and are difficult to handle, so they are not used as materials for wedding rings.

Even with handmade wedding rings, of course, the rings will be made from precious metals, so it is not the case that handmade wedding rings are more susceptible to deterioration.

Deterioration of wedding rings as a result of aging

Since a wedding band is a ring that is worn every day, it may develop minor scratches or change shape slightly as it is used. These changes over time occur in the same way for both ready-made and handmade wedding rings, so it is not a matter of which is more susceptible to deterioration. In any case, you may be able to have after-sales service at the store where you purchased it, or you may be able to take care of it yourself.

Materials suitable for wedding rings for long use.

The best metals for long-lasting wedding rings are K18 gold and Pt950 platinum; K18 gold is an alloy of 75% pure gold and the remainder is a mixture of other metals. MITUBACI also offers champagne gold and lime gold. Both are K18 gold, so you can rest assured that they are safe. All colors of gold can be used to make wedding rings that give a gorgeous impression.

We mentioned that precious metals that do not deteriorate as much as metals are treated as materials for wedding rings, but silver is not a good choice for wedding rings. Silver is also treated as a precious metal, but it tarnishes more easily than gold or platinum.

Manufacturing method suitable for wedding rings for long use.

Considering the longevity of the ring, the durability of the ring may also be a criterion for choosing a wedding ring. The durability of a ring depends on the method used to make it. It is generally believed that rings made by the forging method, in which the metal is forged by heating and beating it, are stronger than those made by the casting method, in which the metal is melted, poured into a mold, and hardened. For this reason, the forging method is said to be less prone to deep scratches than the casting method, so you may choose a handmade wedding band made by the forging method if you are looking for durability.

For more information on forging and casting methods, please contact us.This articleThe details are described in the following table.

Daily care and handling for long life

Even if you choose a precious metal that does not tarnish easily and make your wedding ring using a forging process that is resistant to deep scratches, you cannot avoid minor scratches and other changes over time. Please pay attention to the following tips on how to care for and handle your ring in order to keep it as beautiful as possible for as long as possible.

Remove when doing household chores, wear gloves.

Although I lumped housework together, I believe that in the course of married life, you will wash dishes and vacuum the house. If you bump into the dishes or vacuum cleaner, small scratches may appear on the ring, so we recommend that you take it off or put on gloves when you are doing all the housework at once.

Take it off when carrying heavy things.

When using tools to build DIY furniture or lifting heavy objects at the gym, your fingers are subjected to more force than you realize. The force exerted can cause deformation of the ring, so it is safe to remove the ring in advance.

When removed, store gently.

When you remove your wedding ring, store it gently. It is safe to place the rings on a soft leather or cloth. Wooden trays are also scratch-resistant, and ring holders are good for keeping the rings alone. It is also safer to put the ring in the ring case that the store put the ring in when you purchased it.

Be careful when placing the ring on a ring tray or similar item, as it will clash with other rings and jewelry. If they bump against jewelry of similar hardness, scratches will form. In particular, fine scratches are likely to occur if they come into contact with hard jewelry such as diamonds.

For ideas on where to store the rings.This articlePlease refer to the summary in the following section.

Wash and wipe gently when soiled

Since wedding rings are worn on the finger, it is difficult to prevent them from getting dirty. It is doomed to get cosmetics, hand cream, or food oil on it. But it's okay if it gets a little dirty. Wash them well with soap and water. The easiest way to do this is to wash them well with hand soap when you wash your hands. If there are diamonds or secret stones attached, remove them from your fingers and wash them in hot water with a mild dishwashing detergent solution to refresh them. In both cases, please remember to rinse off the detergent ingredients with water well after washing and wipe off the water with a soft cloth. Please be gentle when wiping off the water. Precious metals are hard, but even if you rub them strongly with a tissue, you may find fine scratches when looking at them with a loupe. Please do not scrub it too hard.

If water is not immediately available, you can polish them with an eyeglass cloth to quickly clean them. When you are out and about and fogging is bothering you, try wiping it off gently.

MITUBACI sells a set of cleaning cloths and brushes, so please ask a craftsman if you are interested.

Use the store's after-sales service.

If it is deformed or deeply scratched, do not try to take care of it yourself, but consult the store where you purchased it. Some stores, whether they sell ready-made or handmade wedding rings, offer after-sales maintenance services. The content of after-sales service and whether it is paid or free differ from store to store, so please check at the time of purchase.

When a K18 gold or Pt950 platinum ring becomes discolored, you should also consult the store where you purchased it. In very rare cases, discoloration can be caused by the condition of the alloy or the use of chemicals.

In a Nutshell

Just because a wedding ring is handmade does not mean it is susceptible to deterioration, and here is a summary of what you can do to ensure the longevity of your wedding ring.

I want to use my precious wedding ring beautifully for a long time.

How to cherish and use your handmade wedding ring for a long time|Selection with peace of mind for those worried about deterioration
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