Workshop Tools: Kanadoko and Mokudai

Hello everyone, this is Shindo from MITUBACI.

Allow me to introduce an essential workshop toolーthe anvil, known as kanadoko in Japanese. The kanadoko is a heavy metal block with a flat surface, and some of our “kanadoko” are lodged into wood logs (mokudai) that measure 60cm in height.

Together, the kanadoko and mokudai are meant to use for lengthening the metal through hammering, hand engraving, and even when applying textures to the jewelry. The mokudai is intentionally made to be bulky and heavy so that it will effectively receive impact from the hammering while remaining stable.

Participants who are sharing the mokudai will be asked to seat opposite of each other.
A closer look at our mokudai.

The kanadoko is wiped with an oiled cloth after every usage to prevent it from rusting. Judging from the condition of an atelier’s kanadoko, you will be able to tell how much effort one puts in caring and maintaining the tools. Only when the tools are properly cared for can the jewelry turn out beautiful.


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Workshop Tools: Kanadoko and Mokudai

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