As MITUBACI does not have a parking lot, we will direct you to one of the nearest paid parking lots.

◆ Carrot Tower Basement Parking Lot: Carrot Park

Address: 〒154-0004 Tokyo, Setagaya, Taishido 4-1-1

Contact: 03-5486-2311


Across the street from MITUBACI is Carrot Tower, the most prominent building in Sangenjaya.

It is a tall building that comprises Tokyu Store (supermarket), TSUTAYA (bookstore), and an observation deck.

The basement of Carrot Tower is a parking lot called Carrot Park.

Carrot Tower

Park your vehicle at the parking lot and take the elevator that leads to the ground floor.

The Way to Ground Floor

When you exit the elevator, continue straight ahead to the entrance/exit.

Carrot Tower Entrance/Exit

MITUBACI is located in a building right across the street from the entrance/exit.

It is the building where you can see the Daitokyo Credit Union and the manga cafe Galileo.

Please take the crosswalk to the left, and turn right after crossing to get to the building.

Royal Mansion

Driving to MITUBACI
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