A New Way Forward

Hello everyone, this is Fujimori from MITUBACI.
The cicadas have started singing these days, marking the start of summer in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. Together with changing times and seasons, MITUBACI has a new way forward with managing our atelier.
The rainy season will soon be over in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.
At the Bee Factory, we are practicing a new way of life.

Even before the COVID-19 situation, we have several washbasins equipped for all workshop participants and staff to wash their hands. Please continue to use them to disinfect your hands when you visit our atelier.

In addition, we have prepared ethanol disinfectant at the workshop tables for participants. We have also set up a vinyl partition above our workshop tables.

Next, vinyl partitions were installed at the workshop tables.

To put up this partition as soon as possible, our resourceful artisans and staff come together to make our very own vinyl shield. (We made use of the existing duct rail for lamps and hung the shield there.)

A duct rail for the light was originally attached above the table, so it is hung from there.

We also increased the frequency of opening our windows to improve the ventilation in the atelier. Whenever I open the windows, I like to feel the breeze against my skin and take a look at the streets.

At that time, my favorite thing to do is to look at the breeze blowing in and the view of Sangenjaya outside the window.

When you visit our atelier, try to take a breather and relax by looking over the streets of Sangenjaya!

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A New Way Forward
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