Handmade wedding band in platinum with three diamonds

Ring details:

Pt950 Platinum (3.0mm) plain + moonstone

Pt950 Platinum (2.5mm) plain + diamonds + blue diamonds + tanzanites

We would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. I who came from Chiba, Japan.

This is a handmade wedding band with three diamonds on the front. The center diamond is a blue diamond. The light blue color looks great on the glossy polished platinum ring.

Each of the birthstones is also fastened on the inside. (The laser engraving in the photo has been partially made unreadable.)

They left us a message too!

I thought it would be more memorable if we made the ring together rather than buying it at a store, so we came to the store and experienced the creation. Thank you very much.

We visited this place to commemorate our anniversary together.
I was very pleased with the care and attention to detail, the smooth production of the ring, and the final adjustments and finishing touches.
We had a lot of fun making it while talking about this and that. Thank you so much!

Thank you for visiting us as well. We are glad you had a good time.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Handmade wedding band in platinum with three diamonds
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