MITUBACI workshops are now available as a tax return option for hometowns.

MITUBACI products can now be selected as Setagaya-ku's hometown tax payment through the website "Furusato Choice".

Click here for the MITUBACI page on Hometown Choice.

MITUBACI products to choose from in Hometown

Premium wedding ring quality rings
  • Wedding rings in platinum and K18 gold
  • Silver items (rings and bangles)
  • Layered ring in K18 champagne gold

is available.

We were asked to be featured in this issue as a workshop that makes things in Setagaya Ward.

How to use Setagaya Ward's hometown tax payment

You can choose how to use your hometown tax payment in Setagaya Ward.

  • Support for Children with Medical Care
  • Development of Shimokitazawa Station Square
  • Sports Promotion Fund
  • Children's Fund
  • Maintenance of welfare facilities, etc.
  • Climate Crisis Response Fund
  • Scholarship Fund for Discharged Children from Foster Homes
  • International Peace Foundation
  • Fund for Cultural Promotion
  • Developing park green space
  • Maintenance of plum grove in Hanegi Park
  • Education Fund
  • Disaster Countermeasures Fund
  • Setagaya Ward Main Office Building and Other Improvement Projects
  • coronavirus control

There are many items to choose from. It is a very positive way to donate when you can decide how you want your donated money to be used. There is still time to apply before the end of the year (as of December 14, 2022), so please take advantage of this opportunity.

MITUBACI workshops are now available as a tax return option for hometowns.
Experience the handmade.

All of MITUBACI handmade jewelry courses are conducted by professional artisans.
All our final prices are indicated on our website for your consideration with ease.


Refer to the price list on our website for a detailed breakdown with no hidden cost.