Black Bush - New Option Added (Silver Jewelry)

Black Ibushi" option has been added to silver jewelry.

Today we are introducing a new silver jewelry option.

A new "black oxide" option has been added to silver jewelry such as silver rings, bangles, and tie pins.

For those who love silver jewelry, some of you may say, "When I say silver, I mean oxidized! If you like silver jewelry, you may say, "Silver means oxidized!

While commercially available items are also beautiful, MITUBACI will perform black oxidizing on silver jewelry that you have made yourself.

The grooves in the engraving and the unevenness of the hammering are smoked, and the dented areas are blackened.

The contrast between the silver shine and the blackness of the oxidized finish is so cool!

[Ibushi option].

Charge: +3,300 yen per bottle

All silver items

You can take it home on the same day.

Principles of heat treatment

Silver has a property of sulfurizing and turning black on the surface after prolonged exposure to air.

This is "sulfated" silver. For more information.Listed in this blogIf you are interested, please read on.

The smoking process is a surface treatment that darkens the treated surface by accelerating sulfurization.

Silver oxide treatment is applied to silver products with an uneven design and the surface is lightly polished to restore only the convex surface to its original silver color, creating a clear contrast and a three-dimensional finish.

Finish of the smoking process

The finished product is characterized by an antique-like massive finish.
It is also called "Kobi (old-fashioned) finish."
It creates a calming, antique-like design compared to the luxurious mirror finish.
In addition, the three-dimensional modeling gives a more three-dimensional finish.
This surface treatment is common in men's jewelry.

The process of black oxide processing

Black oxidizing is applied to silver jewelry that has been hammered and engraved by the customer.

1, Remove sebum and dirt

In order to apply a beautiful black oxide finish, the surface is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and oil.

Use an ultrasonic cleaner.

2. Wear gloves and aprons securely.

Wear gloves and an apron because the area where the smoking liquid is applied will turn black.

3, Apply smoking solution and let dry.

Apply the brush to the area to be blackened with "Black Ignition Liquid" on the brush.

You will notice that the liquid turns black as soon as it gets on it.
The inside of a ring or bangle can also be smoked, as can the inside of an engraving on a bangle.
Your own engraving will be much clearer!

It is OK if it sticks out a little as it is polished after application.

After application, let dry well until the moisture is gone.

It can be dried with warm air from a hair dryer or other source.

4. Polish as much as you like (front side, where you can see it)

Polish the surface with an abrasive cloth.

Only the dented areas where the engraving or hammering has been done are left black, and the protruding areas are polished to bring out the pattern and lettering.

Even the same design will have a different look depending on how you polish it.

5. Further polishing (inside and invisible parts)

Polish the inside of the ring as well.

6. The black oxidized silver ring is completed.

And voilà!

It gives it a sense of gravitas!

We have received a number of inquiries about the black oxide finish as soon as we introduced it as an option, and we have a feeling that it will become a very popular option.

How to care for blackened jewelry

If left unused and exposed to air, sulfurization will gradually increase and the mirror surface will become discolored.

Polish discolored areas gently with a cleaning cloth.

*Note: If you polish too hard, you will over-polish even the areas with an oxidized finish.

After polishing, rinse lightly with water and wipe gently with a dry cloth.

◆MITUBACI also sells "Jewelry Cleaning Set"!

More information about jewelry cleaning sets can be found here.

So, the black oxide process is finished by utilizing the sulfurization (discoloration) of silver jewelry in reverse.
The longer the item is used, the more it will become a more palatable item because the inside of the patterns and engravings, which inevitably discolor even after normal use, have already been surface-treated to black.
Many people are concerned about silver tarnishing, but I believe that silver is a material that can be cared for and loved more by taking care of it.

The black finish is an antique finish after polishing, which allows you to enjoy the aging process and use the item for a long time with affection.

MITUBACI also offers "Ibushi-Finish" samples for each item.

You can add your own samples after viewing them on the day of the production experience.

The work is safe and not too difficult, so I hope you'll consider it!

Black Bush - New Option Added (Silver Jewelry)
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