Sales of "Hammered wedding rings completed at home" started

MITUBACI has been working on a new project called "Hammered wedding band completed at homeThe sale of the "Mere Old Man" is now underway.

This product is a kit to complete MITUBACI's most popular hammered wedding rings at home.

This is recommended for those who have given up coming to MITUBACI because of distance or physical condition, those who want to relax and enjoy the ring-making process at home, and those who want to include a ring-making program in their wedding reception.

For more information, see the wedding rings menu, "Hammered wedding band completed at homeYou can see it from the following page.

*Quantities of kits are limited. If your stock quantity is 0 and you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact us by email (

Sales of "Hammered wedding rings completed at home" started
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