Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Band — 18k Yellow Gold

Ring details:

3mm width 18k yellow gold

3mm width 18k yellow gold

We would like to introduce Mr. S. who made a yellow gold handmade wedding band.

The lovely pair had opted for rings width the same width and finish.

As they had chosen to go for laser engraving, they began their workshop from the shaping process straight.

Usually, the engraving process comes before the shaping process if one chooses to go for hand engraving.

After the strip has been bent into a ring shape, the ends are then soldered together.

They then begun to carefully polish their soldered rings.

The rings turned out beautifully.

They kindly wrote in their thoughts about the workshop afterwards. The pair were originally from the Philipines, and while they wrote their messages in English, their workshop was conducted in Japanese.

Do consult us beforehand if you would like to have your workshop in English.


Crafting experience is really fun and they make it very intimate and sentimental. I would definitely recommend this shop.


The craftsman and the staffs are very friendly. They have guided us all throughout the process. My fiancee is very lucky to find this place. It's very surprising that we can craft our own wedding ring with the help of professional craftsman. We are very thankful for this We are very thankful for this experience!


Thank you for coming MITUBACI:) We are happy to hear you like the rings. The cleaning is free for anytime. Hope to see you again very soon!

Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Band — 18k Yellow Gold
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