Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands — Hammered Texture with Matte Finish

Ring details:

Left: 2.5mm width Platinum950 hammered texture ring with matte finish

Right: 2.5mm width 18k champagne gold with hammered with matte finish and diamond (custom-made clasp)

Introducing K-san's matte finish handmade platinum and champagne gold wedding bands.

Firstly, strips of metal were cut into their respective sizes.

After practising on a silver strip, the couple moved on to the real thing. They were really nervous.

If you stare at him so hard, he will become even more nervous.


The lovely pair worked together to shape the rings.

The process was unexpectedly quite difficult. However, be rest assured that our artisans will be there to assist you even if you make mistakes.

After engraving, soldering, and polishing comes the hammering process. Textures are added to the surface of the rings in this step.

A special hammer with a rounded tip is used here.

Working on each other's ring is nice too.

The hammering process

The ring is then sandblasted to achieve the matte texture, before it is finally completed.

The sandblasting process

They kindly shared their thoughts on the workshop as well.

We made champagne gold hammered texture ring with a matte finish. The artisans carefully guided and assisted us along the way. As a result, our completed rings turned out really great!

We poured in our hearts and soul into making the rings and we look forward to wearing it.

Thank you very much for visiting us. We look forward to seeing you again! Sandblasting gives the surface of the ring a thin and fine matte finish. However, over time normal wear and tear will cause the surface to return to its original shiny texture. Feel free to come by anytime to have your rings mattified!

*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.

※The setting for the diamond differs from our usual methods. Please feel free to consult us anytime if you would like something similar.

Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands — Hammered Texture with Matte Finish
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