Customer's Voice 20th wedding anniversary ring

Here is a couple who came to us to have rings made for their 20th wedding anniversary.

At first, he said he wanted to make a simple engraving, but as he practiced, he decided to try engraving a little more, and he was able to make a very nice engraving.

The pattern of the forester is hammered in with a special hammer after it is made into a ring shape.

Take a commemorative photo when completed!

After the workshop, we also asked participants to fill out a questionnaire.

Staff are nice to let us know how's the process of making a ring. They're so professional . What an enjoyable experience!

The craftsmen are always ready to teach and show you how to solve problems with care and attention to detail.

I am glad you enjoyed it!

We hope to see you again.

Customer's Voice 20th wedding anniversary ring
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