[Customer's Voice] Hammered Silver Pairing Yellow Plated and Sandblasted

We would like to introduce Mr. T who came from Osaka.

Ring details:

925 silver hammered, brushed (blasted)

925 silver hammered + yellow gold plated

We received your feedback later.

We made a hammered pair of rings for each other, mine in sandblasted silver and hers in plated yellow gold. We were able to experience this store because some of our past users have been same-sex couples, and we were really happy with the results. While I wanted to complete the project on my own, she carefully supported me and we ended up with a beautiful ring. I was happy that they were able to take many photos of us in our natural state, right up to the moment we put the rings on each other. Thank you for a memorable time.

Thank you very much for your visit, Mr. T.

I apologize for starting the workshop at the pace of the artisans, which seemed to have confused some of them.

We also offer workshops for bangles and pendants, so please come back and visit with us again.

MITUBACI also welcomes same-sex couples and LGBT guests. Private rooms are available, so please let us know in the remarks column when you make a reservation.

At MITUBACI, we treat our customers the same regardless of sexuality or nationality, but we would appreciate it if you would not hesitate to point out any shortcomings of our staff or craftsmen.

[Customer's Voice] Hammered Silver Pairing Yellow Plated and Sandblasted
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