[Customer's Voice] Matching silver bangles for the second year anniversary.

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Silver bangle (4.0mm)

Silver bangle (4.0mm)

We would like to introduce Mr. M and Mrs. N, a couple from Aichi Prefecture.

He came to us to make a bangle for the anniversary of our relationship.


We experienced making matching silver bangles for our anniversary. The craftsman was kind enough to teach us how to make them, and the three of us had a great time chatting while we made them!
You allowed us to swap things with each other and took several pictures of us during the experience, which made for a great memory! Thank you very much! (M-san)

I wanted a bangle for my 2 year anniversary and decided to make one.
Your reps were courteous and made it so much fun and smooth!
I was able to make it while relaxing in a very nice atmosphere with drink service. (N-san)

Thank you for coming from so far away! Please come back and visit us both again.

*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.

[Customer's Voice] Matching silver bangles for the second year anniversary.
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