Customer Review: Green Diamond Secret Stones

Green Diamond Secret Stone Silver Rings

MITUBACI offers DIY workshops and secret stone setting services on the very same day.

Allow us to introduce I-san's matching silver rings with green diamonds. Although only visible when unworn, these glistening green diamonds have a beautiful light hue. Also, the hammered textured is finished with a mattified surface, giving these rings their unique character.

Although you can't see it when you are wearing it, the sparkling pale green color of the green diamonds is wonderful.

The surface is also matted with a hammered texture, creating a ring with a difference.

Below is I-san's feedback on the handmade workshop:

◇Message for our artisans:

"Despite us being late, we were politely received by the artisan. The workshop had a positive vibe; throughout the processes, the artisan gave us very encouraging and reassuring words.

Q: What is interesting/challenging about the workshop?

"More than we imagined, we were able to experience and get our hands on different processes of DIY jewelry-making. It was a delightful experience. On the other hand, we find the engraving challenging"
Typing the letters was more difficult than I had imagined.


※ To maintain the privacy of our customer, we have applied mosaic on parts of their names.

A message to I-san:

Thank you for participating in our workshop! Even though engraving was challenging, we are happy to learn that you have enjoyed yourselves! We look forward to seeing you again!

Glad you enjoyed the workshop.

Please come visit us again.

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*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.

Customer Review: Green Diamond Secret Stones
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