[Customer's Voice] Handmade wedding band with milling in the center

Ring details:

Pt950 platinum (2.5mm) center mill

K18 champagne gold (2.5mm) center mill

Meet Mr. H, a Kanagawa Prefecture resident who created a beautiful handmade wedding band with milling in the center of the ring.

Mr. H had the impression that the engraving was difficult when he had come to us for a silver ring before, so he took the engraving process very seriously.

The milling lathe process is a craftsman's operation and is available for observation only.

Below is their comment on their workshop experience:

I came here before to make a silver ring and it was so nice that I came back to make my wedding ring.
Last time, when I was leaving, the craftsman gave me a pamphlet about wedding rings, saying, "If you like, you can have another one", which left a deep impression on me. I remember I was deeply moved to think that after pair rings, the next step would be "wedding rings. This time, you created a beautiful wedding ring for me, and it became a memory that will last a lifetime. Thank you very much.

Dear Mr. H, thank you very much for coming to our store. We are honored when people who have had a pair of silver jewelry made come to us to have their wedding rings made, and we feel that our workshop at MITUBACI has been a part of their precious time together.

We heard that you made a hammered silver ring for us last time, and this time you made a ring with a different taste. We hope you will use both of them for a long time.

We heard that you are planning to get married next week. Congratulations on your marriage!

*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.

[Customer's Voice] Handmade wedding band with milling in the center
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