There was a photo shoot for Voice Animage, visited by Mr. Kaito Ishikawa

The other day, popular voice actor Kaito Ishikawa visited our shop to experience a silver ring workshop during a photo shoot for "Kaito Ishikawa's Willingness! popular voice actor Kaito Ishikawa visited our store to experience a silver ring workshop!

Mr. Ishikawa experienced making a silver ring. First, he selected a wide, solid ring from MITUBACI's wide variety of designs. For the surface finish, he chose the most popular tsuchime pattern.

In the actual ring making process, the participants enjoyed working with advice and support from the craftsmen, from engraving rings with a hammer and brazing (welding) with a gas burner, to adding texture by striking the surface of the ring with a hammer, and finally polishing the ring.

The finished ring was so beautiful that it was hard to believe that this was the first time the ring had been made, even the craftsman in charge was surprised! The word "FUN" was engraved firmly on the inside of the ring, and the smiley face engraved with it was very charming!

The shooting and workshop were very lively and enjoyable from start to finish.
At MITUBACI workshops, full-time craftsmen provide support, so even first-timers who have never engraved before can experience making silver jewelry with ease. Please feel free to come and visit us for a pair of rings, a gift, or a treat for yourself to celebrate your anniversary!

The scenes of Mr. Ishikawa's work are also introduced on his YouTube channel "Kaito Ishikawa [Secret Base]". What we introduced in the blog is only a small part of the whole story; in the video and in the magazine, you can see many fun scenes of Mr. Ishikawa at work.

[Vlog] Close contact! Interview Scene of Seiyu Magazine! Kaito Ishikawa

There was a photo shoot for Voice Animage, visited by Mr. Kaito Ishikawa
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