A story about tools used for hammering and engraving

Let's process the potato hammer!

Hello everyone, this is Shindo from MITUBACI.

In this issue, we will discuss the processing of potato hammers.
A potato hammer is a type of hammer. It has rounded tips on both sides and is used in the workshop to process the grain.

As for the eyes of the earthPlease see the blog post there..

The hammer we are going to process this time is called "Imo-Hammer", which is called "Imo-Hammer" because it looks like a potato as the name suggests.
I purchased a new one, but immediately after purchase, the tip has been machined out of shape, but is not shiny.

(speaking of) sweet-potato hammer

I hammered a SILVER board with a hammer that had already been polished and a hammer that was still in use after purchase.
The left side shows the marks made by hammering before finishing, and the right side shows the marks made by hammering after finishing.
The finish of the tools makes such a difference.

Trial strike on a silver plate

The surface of the hammering implement after purchase is distorted if left as it is, so sandpaper is used to shape the surface and remove any scratches.
Gradually apply fine sandpaper to clean the surface.


After applying sandpaper up to #1000 (fine sandpaper), it is time to buff and polish.
Polish it in the same way as a ring with an abrasive.

What do you think?
It is now shapely and shiny.

Imo-hammering, shiny

MITUBACI regularly cares for its tools.
Some tools for engraving can be purchased and used as-is, but I often process them in a way that is easy for me to use.
It makes you feel attached to it and want to use it carefully.

Since tsuchime is a popular texture, we always try to keep it clean and ready for use.
When you use a potato hammer in a workshop, I hope you will pay attention to the finish of the tool.

A story about tools used for hammering and engraving
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