Coming up at Christmas! Diamonds that shine like stars☆ Jewelry cloth is also a gift!

It is finally getting cooler. Then, you may be wondering about your year-end plans.

MITUBACI has a neat new option to introduce for Christmas 2023.

New stone and star clasps are started!

MITUBACI will be adding a new stone-retaining option to its handmade wedding rings for Christmas 2023.
The name is "Hoshitate".

This is a technique in which diamonds are fastened to the ring using a special tool called a taegane, a stone clamping technique in which the craftsman's skills shine.

Diamonds are beautiful by themselves, sparkling and shining, but by fastening them in the starburst method, rings can be made more glamorous and star-like in their decoration.

*This service is available for customers who book a handmade wedding ring course on or after December 1, 2023.

*This applies to rings with a width of 2.5 mm or more.

The price will be the normal price of a diamond stone clasp plus 5,500 yen.

Jewelry Cloth: A Gift from Us to You

Keep your jewelry clean and sparkly with our special gift when you signed up for our workshops in December 2022!

This gift will be given to all customers who visit the store in December 2023.

*Packages are subject to change.

*Only when they are gone.

Layered Ring or Signet Series will receive a wooden case.

Wooden cases, which are usually given to customers who purchase engagement rings, will be given to everyone who has a layered ring or a signet series ring made!

Period: December 1 to 29, 2023

Special anniversaries at MITUBACI. We look forward to serving you!

Coming up at Christmas! Diamonds that shine like stars☆ Jewelry cloth is also a gift!
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