Make Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands at a Discounted Price!

Customers who craft their diamond engagement ring at MITUBACI are entitled to enjoy 10% off their wedding bands with us!にてお作りいただけるキャンペーンを実施いたします!

We would like to give thanks to everyone for your continued support the past 10 years with campaigns and events! Here's one of the biggest of the year:

Bridal Campaign

ご来店対象期間1 June 2021 – 28 December 2021
Applicable toHandmade Engagement Ring Workshop (with at least 0.2 carat diamond)
Applicable toHandmade Wedding Bands Workshop
Others10% off also applies to add-ons such as secret stones setting.

For Example,

Type of JewelryUsual PriceDiscounted Price
Slim (2.0mm)¥55,000¥49,500
Diamond Secret Stone Setting (x1)
All pricing are tax inclusive.


Accent (1.7mm)

¥49,500 / per item

¥44,550 / per item

Just enough as an accent and perfect for stacking rings.

Slim (2.0mm)

¥55,000 per ring(税込)

¥49,500 / per item

Slim, minimal, and elegant, augmenting the delicate details of textures. A popular selection at a modest price.

Standard (2.5mm)

¥66,000 per ring(税込)

¥59,400 / per item

Well-balanced and noticeable presence on finger at a reasonable price.

Classic (3.0mm)

¥88,000 per ring(税込)

¥79,200 / per item

The timeless classic with an enhanced impression and a comfortable fit.

Wide (3.5mm)

¥115,500 per ring(税込)

¥103,950 / per item

An impressionable volume that sits prominently on the finger.


Please feel free to drop us an inquiry to find out more. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Make Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands at a Discounted Price!