Bridal Fair:
Enjoy 10% Off your wedding bands when you make an engagement ring with us!

Customers who craft their diamond engagement ring at MITUBACI are entitled to enjoy 10% off their wedding bands with us!


Bridal Fair Campaign

Campaign Details10% off Wedding Bands if you make an Engagement Ring at MITUBACI
EligibilityBy May 7, 2023.Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring (Concurrently)Or, customers who have booked both the engagement ring course and the wedding ring course
If you have your engagement ring made and then have your wedding ring made on a different date, you will still be eligible for this campaign. When making a reservation for the wedding ring course, please let us know in the remarks column the date of your visit when you had your engagement ring made.
Period of VisitJanuary 17, 2023 - June 30, 2023
Applicable toAll handmade engagement rings (with diamonds of 0.1 ct. or greater)
Applicable toHandmade Wedding Bands Workshop
Others10% off also applies to add-ons such as secret stones setting.

Campaign Prices for Handmade Wedding Rings

At MITUBACI, we strive to present a transparent and reasonable pricing system. The pricing of the jewelry is determined by the width of the rings and additional options. Your choice of material and texture of the jewelry, manual hand-engraving with metal stamps or the engraving machine, and the fluctuation of precious metals' market pricing do not incur additional costs. All prices shown include tax. An additional 10% will incur for ring sizes 20.5 to 30. Ring sizes beyond size 30 will be considered a special order and have different pricing, so please feel free to consult us.

Width 1.7mm


¥59,400 per ring

¥53,460 per ring

Just enough as an accent and perfect for stacking rings.


¥66,000 per ring

¥59,400 per ring

Slim, minimal, and elegant, augmenting the delicate details of textures. A popular selection at a modest price.


¥77,000 per ring

¥69,300 per ring

Well-balanced and noticeable presence on finger at a reasonable price.


¥99,000 per ring

¥89,100 per ring

The timeless classic with an enhanced impression and a comfortable fit.


¥126,500 per ring

¥113,850 per ring

An impressionable volume that sits prominently on the finger.

Discount Examples

Type of JewelryUsual PriceDiscounted Price
Accent (1.7mm)¥59,400¥53,460
Slim (2.0mm)+
Diamond Secret Stone Setting (x1)
All pricing are tax inclusive.

If you wish to make 3 rings on the same day, it may take about 4 hours to complete your process. In principle, the engagement ring will be delivered at a later date due to the stone setting process, but if you would like to receive it on the same day, please indicate so in the Special Request when you book a workshop.

Please feel free to drop us an inquiry to find out more.
We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Bridal Fair:
Enjoy 10% Off your wedding bands when you make an engagement ring with us!