Twist + diamond platinum handmade wedding band

Ring details:

Pt950 platinum (2..5mm) plain

Pt950 platinum (2.5mm) twisted + diamonds (5)

We would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. K who live in Tokyo.

Mr. K had consulted with us about his wishes before coming to the store, and although you can come to MITUBACI on the day of your visit and see samples before deciding on a design, there are many options available, so please feel free to contact us in advance if you have any questions.

MITUBACI also offers customers the option of having the twisting process done by the customer himself.

Twist Finish

The other ring was made with a lathe-turned oval because the client wanted "simplicity" and a "professional finish.

Senban Finishes (Lathe Machine)

Finishing on a lathe gives the ring a more professional look because of the beautifully finished flat surface of the ring.

Here's what she feels about the workshop experience:

I made my wedding ring by hand.
We had been communicating with Mr. Nishimura of your company on line prior to our visit, and he was very attentive in answering our detailed questions.
I had looked at other stores where handmade products are available, but Mr. Nishimura was very kind and helpful, and the atmosphere and personality of the store made me want to make my order here! I wanted to have it made here!
When we actually visited, the staff was very friendly, guided us carefully, and made the process enjoyable!
I even got to experience a process that would normally be done by a craftsman, but at my request, I got to experience it specially, and it was way too much fun!
I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you by expressing various wishes.
I look forward to seeing your finished ring!
I'd love to have you back for a bangle or a different ring! I would like to ask you again for bangles and different rings!
And thank you for the pics!

Thank you very much for coming to MITUBACI, Mr. K. You had clear wishes from the time you contacted us on LINE, and it was a very enjoyable process for us to answer each of your questions ^^ We learned a lot from you that is difficult to convey to customers on a website. It was a great learning experience for us.

Thank you for taking a little time to deliver the product as you have chosen many options.

We are very happy to hear back from you after it arrived and that you like it. We look forward to seeing you again, wearing the ring you had made for us!

*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.

Twist + diamond platinum handmade wedding band
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