[CUSTOMER REVIEW] Handmade 18K Champagne Gold Wedding Bands

Introducing handmade wedding bands by K-san.

Left: 18k Champagne Gold (2.0mm) hammered texture

Right: 18k Champagne Gold (3.0mm) hammered texture

Champagne gold has a subtle brilliance, making it a popular choice for everyone.

The hammered texture is applied using this type of hammer. A cute sound resonates the workshop with every strike of the hammer. The couple also has engraved on the inner walls of their rings.

Here's what they have to say in the survey:

★ How do you feel about the jewelry-making workshop?

At first, I was only planning to participate in a part of the jewelry-making process. However, after listening to the artisan's explanation, I decided to get hands-on throughout the process. It turned out to be such an enjoyable experience! We were able to get a taste of the work of the artisans.

★ Do you have any feedback for us?

The staff and artisan have been very polite and patient in attending to our appointment before and throughout the workshop. The instructions given were clear and satisfactory. We're also thankful to be able to take some videos to be used for our wedding ceremony.

Here's a snippet of our artisan adjusting the shape of the ring. At any point where participants find it challenging, they are always free to seek help from our artisans.

The images uploaded in this post is taken by K-san's appointed photographer.

Workshop participants are free to take videos or pictures at MITUBACI.

Dear K-san and N-san, Thank you for visiting MITUBACI. We're excited for your wedding ceremony! Please feel free to enjoy free cleaning as part of our after-sales services, and feel free to contact us anytime.


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