Lime gold handmade wedding rings, from the Netherlands

We would like to introduce Mr. W who lives in the Netherlands and came to make his wedding ring.

Ring details:

K18 lime gold (3.0 mm) plain

K18 lime gold (2.0 mm) plain + diamonds

Both of you have engraved very carefully.

Brazing (welding) is also performed.

After the workshop, participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire.

Tell us more about your workshop experiences and areas we can improve on.
We loved the workshop. Everyone was very kind and proffesional. We also felt really welcome, even though we are nog japanese. No complaints, we loved it! No complaints, we loved it!
Tell us the item(s) you have made and leave a message for your artisan in-charge.
We made 2 weddings rings in lime gold, 1 with a diamond. Thank you so much for helping us make these beautiful wedding rings, and also giving us an unforgettable experience which we will remember for the rest of our lives! You are the best!

Thank you for visiting us, Mr. W. It was fun to talk with you about the fun we had in Japan, Christmas in the Netherlands, and so on.

If you are ever in Japan again, be sure to stop by MITUBACI!

Lime gold handmade wedding rings, from the Netherlands
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