[CUSTOMER REVIEW] Handmade 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Hello everyone,

Allow me to introduce to you the handmade wedding bands made by S-san back in April.

Left: 18k yellow gold (2.5mm) hammered texture with ice blue diamond

Right: 18k yellow gold (3.0mm) hammered texture

Yellow gold is a brilliant shade of gold that catches attention.

On the other hand, the cool shade of ice blue diamond contrast against the metal with its shine.

Crafted with the forging technique, these rings are durable and made to last.

Here's what they have to say in a survey:


Q: What was most enjoyable about the workshop?

・To be able to craft my jewelry at the same table as the artisan! It's my first time experiencing jewelry-making and I want to do it again! Cooking is probably one of the few things I get to do hands-on for my partner. So, to be able to make wedding bands for each other is a wonderful experience.

・I'm really amazed with the quality of the finished product! Also, even though my engraving isn't perfect, it certainly gives my ring it's "personality." This workshop also provides an opportunity for teamwork with my partner. I really enjoyed the experience.

What was challenging or needs improvement?

・Engraving! But even so we grow fond and attached to the results!

■ A message to our customer:

Dear S-san, Thank you for signing up for our workshop! Engraving may be challenging, nevertheless, they do indeed give your rings their character!

Thank you for your encouraging words! We're really happy both of you enjoyed yourselves!

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