Finding a ring that fits you, and finding a wedding ring based on your skeletal structure and personal color diagnosis.

There are a surprisingly large number of different wedding ring options to choose from when trying to find a wedding ring.

Those who have a budget set from the beginning or have a brand they admire may not be that confused, but there are a surprising number of people who have never given much thought to wedding rings until they need them. There are quite a few people, regardless of whether they are male or female, who have never really thought about it in detail. If you think there are too many to choose from and you are not sure, you can try looking for one based on the criterion of "what looks good on you.

What "looks good on you" is also ambiguous. Why not refer to skeletal structure diagnosis and personal color when looking for what looks good on you?

A customer who previously had a handmade wedding ring made at MITUBACI has written a detailed account of the process of choosing a MITUBACI ring!

I'm happy with my handmade ring, it's more perfect than I imagined - Narrating Nurikabe (

When I am in customer service, I can look for things that suit the customers I meet, but I had not really thought systematically about bone structure and personal color, so I learned a lot.

Personal Color and Wedding Rings

What is Personal Color?

Personal color is the concept that colors that harmonize with one's hair color, skin tone, and eye color are colors that suit the individual.

The major categories are yellow-base or blue-base, and more finely divided into four categories based on hue, saturation, and lightness: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Yellow base or blue base, what material do you recommend, gold or platinum? Platinum?

The basic yellow-base and blue-base diagnosis is that gold suits yellow-base and platinum (silver color) suits blue-base.

As written by "Nurikabe who talks about it," MITUBACI has a great variety of gold colors, so I think that those whose personal color diagnosis recommends gold colors (K18) rather than silver colors (platinum) (yellow-based people) will be pleased to have more choices.

If your favorite material and your personal color diagnosis are the same, you can choose your favorite material without much hesitation.

Don't be discouraged if the material you like is different from your personal color diagnosis, MITUBACI has plenty of options so you can find a wedding band that suits you in the material of your choice!

Wedding Band

Gold recommended for blue base

We recommend "champagne gold" and "lime gold" for those who say platinum looks good on them.

Champagne gold is a color between yellow gold and platinum.

It is a gentle gold color with a moderate yellow tint, so it is also recommended for blue-base people.

Lime gold is what we call "blue-gold" in paint (paint or paint). It is a gorgeous gold, and we encourage blue-base people to try it on.

Platinum for yellow base

Even yellow-based people are encouraged to try on platinum, of course. If you are concerned about your personal color, try on matted platinum. The silver-colored shine is softer, so it will look different from the glossy platinum.

Texture and metal coloration

Textures processed on the surface of the ring give the metal a completely different coloring. Matte is a texture that allows the color of the metal to be clearly seen because the light reflection characteristic of the metal is suppressed.

If you have the time, I encourage you to try many materials without too many preconceived ideas.

Please feel free to visit us at MITUBACI in Sangenjaya, Tokyo to just try on rings!

Skeletal Diagnosis and Wedding Rings

What is skeletal diagnosis?

Skeletal diagnosis is the concept of classifying the body into three types based on the characteristics of the body skeleton and the habitual way in which muscles and fat are attached.

There are three types of skeletal diagnosis: straight, wave, and natural. You can refer to them when choosing the width of your wedding band.

For all types, the first ring you try on should be the width you like at a quick glance, but the next width you try on should be wider than the first for straight and natural, and narrower than the first for wavy. Sometimes they look better on you than you first thought, so give it a try!

Difference in Ring Width

Finding a ring that fits you, and finding a wedding ring based on your skeletal structure and personal color diagnosis.
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