Workshop Tools: Thread Saw

Hello everyone, this is Shindo from MITUBACI.

If you have participated in MITUBACI handmade jewelry workshops, you may recall seeing our artisan use this tool I am sharing today—the thread saw.

The thread saw is used to cut metals and sometimes jarred edges. The blade we use are mainly 0.3mm in thickness made in Vallorbe, Switzerland. I have been using this particular thread saw ever since I joined the company, and on a closer look, I realized it is made in France!

This thread saw could have been brought back from France by our first-generation founder back in the 60s when he pursued his studies there! With that said, this thread saw has lasted more than half a century!

The alignment of every part is impeccable, so much so that the blade did not once loosen or bend!

Out of all the tools I use, I am particularly intrigued by this and wish I could have one like this!

Please stay tuned to our updates and allow me to continue introducing our workshop tools!

Workshop Tools: Thread Saw

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