Handmade silver rings
for special occasions

Silver Ring Making Class

Silver Ring

¥14,300~ per ring

Couple Rings

¥28,600~a pair

Our pricing covers the workshop lesson, materials, service charges, and taxes with no hidden fees.

More Workshop Items:

Create one-of-a-kind silver jewelry to commemorate special occasions, for yourself and or someone special. Customize hand engravings and other details to make the jewelry into something meaningful. Our silver jewelry workshop also serves as a practice before making an engagement ring and or wedding bands.


Width 2.8mm¥14,300
Width 3.3mm¥14,300
Width 4.0mm¥14,300
Width 5.5mm¥16,500
Width 7.0mm¥19,800


Our artisans who have profound experience in custom-made jewelry will guide you through the entire workshop, one-to-one session for individuals and one-to-two session for pairs, to create and complete your ideal silver jewelry in just 2 to 3 hours! We also offer other options such as metal plating and stone setting at a fixed price.

We do not charge additional fees for the type of surface finish, or for the hand-engraving/machine engraving.


Metal Stamp Engraving

Customers may engrave by themselves using the metal stamps at no additional cost. There will be a round of practice where our craftsmen will provide instructions and demonstrations before you work on your jewelry.


Choose from a variety of surface finishes.




Hammered (Matte)


Foresta (Matte)


Snowflake (Matte)


Frost (Matte)


Stella (Matte)


Side Textures

You can add textures not only on the surfaces but also on the sides of your ring! Side textures bring more points of interest to your jewelry, and you can also constantly admire your craft from all angles (side textures are free of charge).

Stone Setting Option

from +11,000 yen

Add meaningful stones to your jewelry to personalize it further! You may choose to set more than one stone, and on both the inner and outer walls of your jewelry.

Plating Option

+3,300 yen

Plating can be applied to the surface of your silver jewelry to give it a pink gold or yellow gold hue. You may want to consider rhodium plating which gives a beautiful platinum color and also prevents tarnishing.

Oxidizing Option

+3,300 yen

Enhance the surface textures of your jewelry with the contrasting look from oxidizing. Concave surfaces and engraving are darkened, while convex surfaces retain it's sheen, augmenting every detail on your jewelry.

Laser Engraving

+¥5,500 yen

Other than hand engraving methods, one may also opt for professional laser engraving services. You may choose your desired font type and decide on the content of engraving, such as your names and anniversary date.


Yes! Our artisans will guide you through the entire workshop process.

Yes, you can bring home your jewelry on the same day. Please note that there is a one-hour waiting time for stone setting which will be done by our artisan.

Yes, it is possible to make multiple pieces of jewelry in a day. We have had customers who participated in our workshop alone but made jewelry for themselves and their partners.

Yes, we accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, Diners, and Discover. Please let us know your choice of payment method.

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MITUBACI's interior is designed to create an environment that allows all visitors to feel relaxed and to be able to engage in casual conversations with our artisans during the workshops. Our craftsmen who are skilled at making custom-made jewelry will guide you through creating the jewelry you have in mind.


MITUBACI TOKYO is 1 minute on foot from Sangenjaya station.
Before visiting us, please find the easiest route for you!

Tokyu Den-en-toshi line (DT) / Setagaya line (SG)
1-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station

Tokyo, Setagaya City, Sangenjaya
2 Chome−14−10 #407

Open hours 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • 4 minutes from Shibuya
  • 10 minutes from Harajuku and Omotesando
  • 20 minutes from Ginza and Roppongi area


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Stone Setting Option
(Secret Stone)

Add more meaning to your jewelry with secret stones set on the inner wall of your ring!


*Diamonds, ruby, sapphire, and emerald +¥16,500.

January — GarnetFebruary — Amethyst
March — AquamarineApril — Diamond *
May — Emerald *June — Moonstone
July — Ruby *August — Peridot
September — Sapphire *October — Tourmaline
November — CitrineDecember — Tanzanite

Stone setting takes additional 1~1.5 hours after you complete making your jewelry. If you have a tight schedule, please inform our staff and we can arrange for delivery of your items at a later date.