Staff Journal

Workshop Tools: The Micrometer Caliper

100分の1ミリまでこだわる・マイクロメーター こんにちは職人の新藤です。今日は普段工具を使わない方には、かなり理解に苦しむ話になるかも知れませんが是非あきらめずに最後まで読んでください。 マイクロメーターとは? MIT…

The 'Forever Saul Leiter' Exhibition

Due to the pandemic, many exhibitions were put on a halt early this year and has resumed its operations. We heard that the exhibition has relaunched because the exhibits were unable to be shipped back to the United States of America (USA) for the time being. This gave us a chance to drop by for a visit! [...]

An Anvil Cloud Spotted

It’s been really warm recently, and the skies have been covered by cumulonimbus clouds every now and then. As the clouds near the stratosphere (at around 10km altitude), it flattens out [...]