Platinum / 18k Gold
Handmade Bangle Course


Looking to handcraft a special bangle that you can love for a lifetime? Our premium bangles workshop made of platinum or 18K gold, the same material used for wedding rings, is now available!

Accessories become a part of our identity more than we realize. To many, certain pieces of accessories they own have a story behind them, such as a matching item with someone beloved, or a gift on a special occasion.

With the premium workshop made with lasting materials, you can enjoy your handmade bangles for many years to come.


Cuboid Bangle

 before tax ¥195,000

The cuboid bangle is 2mm in width which goes well with side textures.

SizePrice (including tax)Price (excluding tax)
K18/PT950 bangle_white background 2

Flat Bangle

 before tax ¥290,000

This bangle is thin and flat with a width of 3.5mm, and a touch of texture give the precious metal a refined look.

SizePrice (including tax)Price (excluding tax)


You can choose between platinum (PT950) or yellow gold (18K). There is no price difference.


Choose from a variety of surface finishes.


Hammered (Matte)


Foresta (Matte)


Snowflake (Matte)


Frost (Matte)


Stella (Matte)

Side Textures

You can add textures not only on the surfaces but also on the sides of your ring! Side textures bring more points of interest to your jewelry, and you can also constantly admire your craft from all angles (side textures are free of charge).

Bangle engraving


Out of the many points of appeal, hand engraving is one of the popular selections of MITUBACI workshops! The hand engraving stamps are not only wide in variety but also free of charge! While hand engraving is thought to be one of the more challenging processes, please rest assure that our craftsmen will guide you through your engraving practices!

Stone Setting Option

from +11,000 yen

Add meaningful stones to your jewelry to personalize it further! You may choose to set more than one stone, and on both the inner and outer walls of your jewelry.


MITUBACI TOKYO is 1 minute on foot from Sangenjaya station.
Before visiting us, please find the easiest route for you!

Tokyu Den-en-toshi line (DT) / Setagaya line (SG)
1-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station

Tokyo, Setagaya City, Sangenjaya
2 Chome−14−10 #407

Open hours 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • 4 minutes from Shibuya
  • 10 minutes from Harajuku and Omotesando
  • 20 minutes from Ginza and Roppongi area


You can check availability and book courses on our website.
You can also easily change or cancel your reservation online.

Stone Setting Option
(Secret Stone)

Add more meaning to your jewelry with secret stones set on the inner wall of your ring!


*Diamonds, ruby, sapphire, and emerald +¥16,500.

January — GarnetFebruary — Amethyst
March — AquamarineApril — Diamond *
May — Emerald *June — Moonstone
July — Ruby *August — Peridot
September — Sapphire *October — Tourmaline
November — CitrineDecember — Tanzanite

Stone setting takes additional 1~1.5 hours after you complete making your jewelry. If you have a tight schedule, please inform our staff and we can arrange for delivery of your items at a later date.