Kids' Workshop Information

Children can also experience MITUBACI workshop as long as accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Services We Offer for Kids' Workshop

Point 1 A craftsman will be assigned to assist you and your child

Kids' workshop menu and processes are the same as our usual workshops, but with more assistance from our artisans in challenging areas. Please feel free to ask your artisan-in-charge any questions regarding jewelry-making or gemstones!

Point 2 Perfectly Fitted Jewelry

Rings are available from size #1, and bangles are available in extra small (SS) size. You can decide the length of your pendant too!

Point 3 A Good Opportunity To Explore

Learn more about the jewelry-making industry and explore making your original piece. Feel free to take video and photos, and use them for your school's summer vacation report!

Point 4 Bring Back A Memento

Other than your handmade jewelry, child participants will also receive a bottle of gemstones* as memento!
*The content changes from time to time.

Point 5 Private Rooms Available

We offer private rooms if you wish to have a more focused workshop experience. Our private rooms are soundproof, so it is alright if you talk a little loudly or if your baby cries. For additional privacy, we can also put down the roll screens in the room.

Point 6 Break time for drinks and snacks

There will be a break time during your workshop experience. We have prepared both chilled and room temperature bottled water and some cookies for you to help yourselves with.

How to make a reservation

When making a workshop appointment, please indicate in the "Questions or Requests" section that you would like to opt for kids' workshop. Please also indicate if you would prefer a private room.


  • The program is designed for children around 5 to 12 years old.
  • We provide aprons for kids, but please dress in clothes you do not mind getting dirty when you visit us.
  • Some processes require the usage of fire and hammer.
  • Our artisan will advise if the various workshop processes are age appropriate for your child to work on, but even so, please be careful and keep an eye out at every step.