[CUSTOMER REVIEW] DIY Platinum Wedding Bands

Hello everyone,

We'd like to share feedback from our customers who visited the other day to forge their wedding bands.

Y-san's wedding bands:

Left: Platinum950 3.0mm width hammered texture ring with emerald (secret stone)

Right: Platinum950 2.5mm width hammered texture ring with diamond and emerald (secret stone)

Hammered texture refers to the arbitrary pattern dented by a special hammer used to achieve the effects.

Below are some behind-the-scenes of the ring making process:

The above is a buffing machine that is used to polish the jewelry.

The following snaps are the processes after shaping the metal into a ring.

This is where texture is added before giving the ring its final polish. Once the finishing is satisfactory, our artisans will proceed with stone setting.

Here are some feedback from this couple:


Q: What was most enjoyable about the workshop?

・Being able to decide on our designs.

・Being able to have a closer look at the entire jewelry-making process.

・Being able to forge our wedding bands that last a lifetime.

・It was a moving experience that makes ready-made rings at boutiques incomparable.

・I will remember this memorable experience whenever I look at rings henceforth.

What was challenging or needs improvement?

On the whole, the experience was enjoyable, and we hope to participate in the workshops again.

Before we started, we were worried that we could not manage the process. Along the way, we received ample support from the artisans, and we were surprised to be able to achieve a beautiful finishing than what we expected.

If there is anything to be improved, it would be showing more pictures of the jewelry-making process for us to have a better grasp.

Q: What was most enjoyable about the workshop?

・Applying texture to the ring.

・Polishing the ring.

・Engraving on the metal.

・Being able to freely take photos and videos as keepsake. I also liked how friendly and patience the artisans were.

What was challenging or needs improvement?

If participants are also allowed to get hands-on on the more challenging processes, the DIY feeling will be stronger.

■ A message to our customer:

Y-san, Thank you for participating in our workshop!

Thank you for taking your time to share with us your thoughts! Regarding participating in more challenging processes, we will consult in our artisans to enhance and make this area of experience more fruitful.

Please feel free to enjoy the free after-sales services, such as polishing your jewelry! We look forward to seeing you again.

Once again, thank you for visiting us!


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